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Curriculum Intent

Curriculum is derived from the Latin word ‘currere’ and our curriculum is therefore the ‘path’ we want our children to take on their journey with us through All Saints…

We want to stimulate children’s natural curiosity through our knowledge-based curriculum and encourage each and every child in our care to develop a passion and a love for learning where they are not only inspired by what they are taught, but are also able to inspire others with what they can do. With our literacy-rich approach across the curriculum, we seek to encourage all our children to be confident, critical thinkers who are reflective of their own learning and open to the idea of challenge and new possibilities. We aim to guide all our children towards becoming compassionate, responsible individuals who respect and celebrate the cultural diversity of their local community and the wider world around them.

Please follow this these links to learn more about our fantastic curriculum. If you require any further information please contact our Curriculum Lead, Ms Sue Potts via email to 


You can find out what topics each year covers by looking at our CURRICULUM MAP FOR THE WHOLE SCHOOL.


Our English curriculum draws on the primary National Curriculum objectives and focuses on developing a progression of skills and knowledge in a full range of  writing genres across Years 3 - 6. 

English Curriculum

Grammar and Punctuation



Our Maths curriculum has adopted White Rose which is influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading maths researchers and practitioners across the world. The scheme is carefully sequenced to allow children to gradually build up their knowledge and understanding of the relevant National Curriculum objectives for their year, with each lesson focusing on developing fluency, reasoning skills and problem solving skills as well as providing opportunities to revisit key concepts from previous lessons in order to firmly establish them in the children's long term memory.

Samples of the White Rose resources we use in daily Maths lessons can be found by clicking on the links below:

Year group curriculum overviews can be found on the White Rose website.

Maths Curriculum (including 'Intent, Implementation and Impact' statement)

ASJS Calculation Policy and ASIS Calculation Policy

White Rose Addition & Subtraction Calculation Policy and Multiplication & Division Policy


In order to deliver our Science curriculum, we use the Reach Out Curriculum materials which is a fully resourced, intelligently sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum, informed by the best research evidence available and is written exclusively by practicing classroom teachers, assisted by subject experts, academics, senior leaders and leading educationalists.

Science Curriculum


RE at All Saints follows guidance from the Pan-Berkshire Syllabus and uses the Reach Out Curriculum materials. Children study all main world religions, and we work hard to foster a sense of respect and understanding among our children towards the various world faiths.

RE Curriculum

PSHE (including RSE)

We follow the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work which has been updated to take into account the content of the recently reviewed RSE guidance. All PSHE lesson content is discussed in a sensitive way and parents are notified in advance if there are particularly sensitive areas which will be covered.

PSHE Curriculum


Information on the rest of the school curriculum subject content can be found HERE.

The National Curriculum government document can be found by following this link: